Accelerating Laptops with VeloSSD.

There are multiple ways to accomplish this.

You are free to use an expansion port like M2, USB3, mPCIe, mSata and even SDHC. To add a Solid State Storage that can be used as a cache for the internal harddisk. It is easy to connect without loosing warranty.

If you got no acceptable free external ports on your Laptop:

There are still at least two options to accelerate it.

Option 1

Some Laptops got internal M2 or mSATA connectors, where you can install a M2 /mSATA SSD.You should check with your warranty first of course. Also it is possible to replace the CD/DVD drive with an adaptor for a SATA SSD. This is commonly used and reliabla to work.

Option 2

A Dual Drive consists of a HDD and a SSD bundled together to use only 1 Sata port. This is not the same as a SSHDD. SSHDD´s have caching integrated, but are not as fast. If your Laptop and warranty allow exchanging the HDD with a Dual Drive works. VeloSSD is compatible with the DUAL Drive Device.

Power consumption

If you need mobility a low Power consumption of the SSD device is important otherwise it will drain the Battery more quickly. Since the cache removes work from the hdd, the HDD will consume less power


For best results use a high MBPS / IOPS device. You should not use a USB2 Port or device since the transfer rate (MBPS) is usally slower than the HDD. USB3 has a new, faster Mode that can be enabled since Windows 8. A USB3 Stick is usually slower than a USB3 attached SSD. But is easier to connect and handle.


Download and Install VeloSSD and you are ready to go. The Software package contains a User Manual with complete descriptions and reference. But it is also self explaining and straight forward to use. On Laptops with 4 and more GB RAM it makes sense to use MaxVeloSSD. If your Laptop contains a SSD and enough RAM. VeloRAM is also an option for highest performance

What is the best choice ?

That depends on your needs and Laptop. M2 (PCIe Gen 2.0 ) or mSATA attached SSD as cache device is the fastest choice. USB3 Sticks are cheap and small, also SDHC Cards. But the Speed is not optimal. These devices need more space and a cable, also consume more power. We have tested all variations on our Laptops.