VeloRAM Enterprise Edition Description

Enterprise Edition
The Enterprise edition was designed to work well on Server Operating systems.

RAM caching and VeloRAM
With VeloRAM EliteBytes delivers the ultimate application accelerator. It is compatible with the newest Windows Client and Server platforms. VeloRAM accelerates generic storage volumes and RAID, Fibre Channel LUN, SAN, iSCSI, Dynamic, Gpt, and boot volume. Multicore CPUs are supported to enable maximum I / O throughput. There are no capacity limits for the cache itself or the host volumes. Intelligent Hot spot detection, saves devices from wear off. Yes, VeloRAM safes lifetime for the underlying storage device, by reducing reads and writes.

How does that work ?
Input and Output (I / O) traffic is serviced first with System RAM if possible. Otherwise, by the host volume. The cache works application independent, and also speeds up the system start. You get Ramdisk performance on HDD / SSHDD / SSD devices. It uses a write-back caching algorithm.

Installation and operation
The installation is done very simply and quickly. Setup and application are available in many languages. A reboot is required only for startup volume. During operation, one senses a drastic acceleration of applications and operating system. The software runs automatically in the background and requires no maintenance.
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